Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moving on in life... my latest listing isn't a miniature!

Although I spend most of my artistic energy on miniatures, I do work in other mediums. I like to make jewelry, wreaths, collages, water color, alter books and clothes and dolls... basically I'm always collecting things and making messes. I have a lot of porcelain dolls in various states of usage. About a year ago, I played with different surface treatments on these. I gessoed heavily and dry brushed to pick up the texture. I did a matte spray and then inked. I then tried a combination of crackling with 2 colors. About 2 days ago, one of my taller dolls, a 16" porcelain beauty caught my attention. I had painted her a base of deep red then crackled on a pale gray. I was going to make her a vampire but never finished.
I have an article in the free AIM magazine about my altered art dolls, Issue May 2010 on page 72. http://www.scribd.com/full/30774876?access_key=key-2l20kuni9h3qddn6sz5f
Now, you all know I love to Steampunk! My wheels and gears are turning... I had the cutest pair of brass and dark glass doll spectacles that I picked up at a doll fair in the Spring. I also have a collection of miniature hats in different shapes and I really like my black felt top hats. Hmm, also have some vintage watch pieces and new charms to use. Well, it all came together and the nameless doll has become "Steampunk Sally" !

I imagine that she is a little orphan ghost who walks about collecting trinkets, talking to crickets, and generally minding her own business - although your watch might come up missing if she passes by! She is a bit lonely and so I gave her a pensive pouty look, using ink and acrylics over the crackle base.
All of Sally's trinkets, clothes, and hat can be removed so her outfits can evolve. I spent quite of bit of time playing with her attire. The dress has been soaked in a combination of dark cocoa and chicory for a deep rusted color... they still smell delicious! I added layers of vintage lace and polka dot fabric, fraying edges and adding stiches for a distressed look. Her brooch is removable and able to be worn. It is an assemblage piece with a tiny vintage doily, a black cherub in a cloud of pearls, and streamers of ribbon and charms. The hat is a felt base. I wrapped silver and black knit on the brim, applied 3 layers of veiling in the back, and finished with a skeleton band, mushroom sprouts, and clock bits. I made little striped stocking to match. Sally has brown leather shoes tied with satin ribbon, a little bouquet of moss and mushrooms, and her spectacles.
Steampunk Sally is available in my Etsy shop at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/49937547/steampunk-sally-ooak-altered-porcelain

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm being followed by an Art Thief: Is she following you?

Hmm... that is selling well, people like that. Wow, it's sort of expensive and I could make that way cheaper. I'll just move this little piece here instead. Oh the original artist is offended? Hey I made this with my hand so it's handmade. Look angry miniature artists, you don't own the idea of a 'magical mandrake table' or other WITCHY concepts. I'm making money and you can't stop me!

Now I'm going to start following all of your blogs and mass advertising my shoddy knock off work and you can't stop me! You can't stop me haha! In fact, I'm going to advertise my work as original, ooak, and truly an expression of my own inner creativity...

Uh-hum... Most of us figure this out as children.

The picture above was taken and submitted to DeviantART by 'skullberries' at http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=§ion=&q=dumb+girl#/d2m8k3z I give her credit, no matter how simple the idea is- because it's HERS! If I were to like this idea so much that I would take a picture of the word dumb tattooed on my own lip, I would be COPYING !!! Then if I were to try selling it on the very same sites she advertises on I'd have just the biggest pair of testicles EVER!

I know who you are.

In fact, we ALL know who you are.

I know how you have blatantly made poor quality copies of work belonging to other miniature artists in the Spooky & Fantasy genre.

I know that you have decided to follow my and many other miniature art blogs recently.

I know that you dress yourself up as a witch.

I am a Witch, lady... and I am pissed off. I do NOT appreciate you following my blog
or pretending to be an original artist.

You have been warned many times in a friendly manner to stop copying other people's work. You have responded with nastiness and distain. You have NO INTEGRITY !!!

Just remember, whatever you do to others will come back to you, whether you call it Karma, Threefold Rule, or the Golden Rule. I support my community of miniature artists and original handmade art. You have lost your place in this and are a tainted HACK.


-An article on how to approach someone who has stolen your art:

-Your full legal rights as an artist can be found in the BERNE CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF LITERARY AND ARTISTIC WORKS (Paris Text 1971)

-10 Big Myths about Copyrights:


I only personally follow blogs of original artists that I respect. Just because someone is following my blog, does not mean I support their work or want to be associated with them. As a collector and a creator myself, supporting the artistic community in all mediums is very important to me. I cannot stop someone from following my blog, stealing my pictures, or even physically copying my work. However, I can refuse to buy their work, follow their blog, and put the word out about them in my own artistic guilds and groups.

If you are visitng my blog as a shopper and collector, please consider the fine artists I have provided links for. Their work is a bit more expensive than mass produced items because they put so much time and thought into making them. Unique, One of a kind, Original

This actually means something.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Gypsy Wagon Project Is Underway!

Confession 1: My art room is trashed again but I've been making minis like mad!
Confession 2: I've gained weight from sitting on my butt painting things or in front of the computer too much.
Congession 3: I bought a Tai Chi video and just need to do it.

Between my many other projects (Steampunk, Spooky, Alien) I've been working my way through my first Miniature Gypsy Wagon Project! I have several themes in mind but began with a Blue Celestial magic wares wagon. After much thought I will offer these custom wagons stocked with goods but without a driver or yoked animals.

Below are my first pictures of the Blue Celestial wagon. I began with a vintage wooden wagon kit that I greatly altered with wire, additional wood pieces, pressed aluminum to mimic carving, and found ojects and jewelry findins. After all the main components were in place, I spray painted it flat black. Then I gave it the basic acrylic blue, pale green, and a hint of lilac acrylic colors. This was then washed over with more blue and then drybrushed with the light green. Who knows what will happen next?

Here is the Snake Charmers Wagon still under construction. The cage will be removable so you can put whatever beastie in you want!

Creation out of chaos... hey I know where everything is!


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