Sunday, August 1, 2010

Haunted Dollhouse Video & Gallery by DollzMaker

Well, I found another spooky miniature artist on DeviantART today! Andie aka Dollzmaker is the name. She put together just the coolest movie of her collection of haunted houses, complete with screams and moody music. I am thrilled!!! So cool.

The video:

Her gallery and profile:

Her web site Mizfit Dolls, not your average rag doll...

She creates custom one of a kind Haunted Dollhouses, miniatures, and unusual ragdolls. I don't collect ragdolls myself but I'm tempted... Andie describes herself as an Outside Artist and seems to have sold mostly on ebay. I can't find any new listings but she takes commissions, making one doll at a time. She has several beautiful dolls in her Deviant gallery and these are 2 of my favs.


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