Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dollhouse Miniatures inspired by Ancient Egypt

Last weekend, I went with my significant other - the Ralphmeister- to the San Antonio Museum of Art. We spent nearly 3 hours wandering around and I very carefully chose which objects to take pictures of having only one memory card. Although many things from various eras and styles caught my eye, I was most transfixed by the 2 Egyptian Antiquities rooms. Ralph practically had to drag me out of there...
As soon as I walked in I was met by a giant black granite statue of the Lion Goddess Sekhmet, always one of my favorite representations of the divine feminine. The wooden coffins, opulescent glass cosmetic bottles, tomb carvings, and tiny figurines of Bastet were all lovely. However, I was really tickled by their collection of Egyptian miniatures! Apparently, ancient Egyptians loved miniature representations of not only their gods, but also representing themselves in daily life - probably some sort of insurance that they would continue in the afterlife. Little hippos, fishermen, farmers, and alligators. This seemed to continue on into the Ptolemy (Greek) and Roman eras as well. I loved the little Roman period clay alligator!


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