Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cauldron Craft Studio News!!!

Hello out there!
I know it has been awhile since I posted here but I've started my first semester back to college since 2004... wow, I guess at 37 that makes me a non-traditional student now. I received my BA in Cultural Anthropology in '96, took an extended vacation in Alaska for 2 yrs, and then goofed around in a Comparative Religion Masters program for awhile. It seemed time to finally focus on a 'real job' . Therefore, I entered into a Mortuary Science Program (the reasoning behind this choice is another story). I'm now taking 5 classes and also doing an introductory internship with roations once a week. It has been fascinating but I had forgotten what exam weeks feel like emotionally and physically. I came out of it very satisfied and I think I actually over studied!

This last month has not seen me blogging at all and my miniature making was stiffled a bit. I have new listings in my etsy store but not nearly the amount of things for October that I wished to. Still, I have managed to participate in the artist groups I am a member of. Highlights of September at Cauldron Craft Miniatures:

1) I participated in the 1st Annual EtsyDarkTeam Halloween Scavenger Hunt! Players were led from one darkly spooky Etsy shop to the next by following the little ghosties.
It began this morning, Oct 3rd, at 10am and is already over with 14 winners randomly matched to one of the lovely donated dark art prizes. There were hundreds of dollars worth of handmade goodies by the Team's very talented members. The event was a great success and hosted by the hardworking Room3Designs, whose work can be found at Yay Go Dark TEAM!!!

2) I made and sold several miniature magical scroll and parchment sets. When I create paper related accessories like books, maps, posters, and photograph collections, I tend to make several sets within a similiar theme. No 2 are ever alike though and even if I receive commission requests based upon someone seeing a previous item, I always tell them that each piece is intentionally different and unique. Here are a few examples from September:

3) I joined AIM, Artists In Miniatures, a group run by and for dollhouse miniature artists. If you are interested in reading more about the group go to their main site:

I've really enjoyed reading their online FREE zine in the past and am very honored to be included in its pages this month! The October issue is packed with goulishly delightful Halloween and spooky miniatures by so many talented artists! For some reason however, I was inspired to write about one of my other passions: the Western world's fascination with ancient Egypt. Beginning on page 20, you will find my article "An Intriguing Theme, Egyptian Revival Style". There I discuss my own first attempts to make miniatures with an Egyptian flair and also the historical development of the movement in art and design from the Colonial period on. Follow the link:

4) I bought many wonderful miniature goodies from my beloved Etsy TeamMIDS! All in the name of shopping for Christmas (yeah right!). My mom and I share our toys and dolls so it really is in all honesty shopping for me too. A few examples of my treasure trove:
Above is the cutest little hornet's nest from PeachBlossomHill:

Above is my new darling fairy toilet, complete with an organic tp dispenser and sprinkles inside (what was that fey eating?). Made by the creative and very nice fairyfurnishings at

Above is my new Fairyring Cake made by the star mini baker Blue Kitty Miniatures at
5) I'm also participating and donating to the so cool Mrs. B, the Pagan Soccer Mom here on blogger who is hosting the amazing 30 Days of Halloween! All the creepy crafts, spooky stories, and shocking recipes you could imagine. She has cooked up quite the stew of contests and other activities... jump on your broom and fly on over there to see what its all about! My items will be featured on:
Skull brooch - October 11
Mini Ouija board and crystal ball - Oct. 16
Mini coffin shelf - Oct. 21
Witchy spoon - Oct. 23

6) Finally, I participated in the Etsy Dark Team's shop swap and had 2 fantastic partners! The whole affair was so much fun and really challenging artistically. These lovely ladies and their works will be featured in upcoming blog articles here!
For beautiful vintage spooky assemblage work and fashion, Kristy from Gypsy Eye Studio at:
For frightfully altered dolls and fashion, Mrs. Evils of My Pretty Zombie at:

They both liked my artistic style but requested something beyond my usual 1:12 scale miniatures for their swap gift. I ended up making an altered art 'Cemetery Journal' and a playscale sized Zombie Baby Bed for spooky Barbies!

As you can see, it has been a VERY BUSY month! Now onto Halloween!


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