Sunday, November 8, 2009

Three Dollhouse Artists and the 'do it yourself' Haunted Mansion!

Here are 3 miniature artists 'do it yourself' approach to building their own Haunted Mansions!

1) Jolie's Mini Stuff
In her blog, Jolie discusses how she took a $5 garage sale dollhouse kit and turned it into the cutest little blue magic shop. All of her pictures feature the bright blue exterior... hmm what's inside Jolie?

2) Ghost House Project by Ginger Wyatt
I love how Ginger describes the beginning of her spooky project! "I purchased a $30-$40 dollhouse kit, skeleton earrings, a bat pencil, a box, pumpkins, Halloween cutouts, paint, muslin, hot glue, and elmers glue. " So with just these basics and her own creativity, she made a cute original Halloween style dollhouse. Not everyone has the time or the dinero to spend on a $1000 mini mansion (although I love those folks too). If you fondly remember the magic of childhood and all your secret little treasures and play worlds... making and collecting miniatures could be a very relaxing and joyous hobby to share with your family (or hoard for yourself lol). Fun is fun regardless of the cost, its what you enjoy doing that counts. I like this house because it seems like a spur of the moment burst of creativity using what she had!

3) Marie's Minis Darkside Manor
The artist takes us on a fantastic step by step journey in which she transforms a sunny yellow perfectly fine Victorian dollhouse into an eerie haunted Manor. Marie gives excellent pictures and instructions in how to go about this yourself and her eye for detail is wonderful. Wait until you see all the goodies (especially the handmade lighting fixtures!) she created for the interior. I'm in love with this house and will be lurking around her site more often... Please lurk with me.

By the way, she has many interesting and fairly inexpensive miniatures for sale as well.

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