Monday, January 18, 2010

TeamMIDS Valentine's Project: The No-Tell-Motel !

TeamMIDS has a big PLAN... and it's all about romance!

The plan came about sue to some harmless joking on chat one night, bantering back and forth about romantically inspired miniatures... Well somebody took us seriously and decided to put the PLAN in action! So the miniature 'No-Tell-Motel' opened its doors for Valentine's day and steamy romance... so cool.

I made a birch wood room box in the theme of a Venetian Bedroom, complete with velveted wallpaper, grecian columns, red silk drapery, and murals of nymphs cavorting. I will be listing this piece in my Etsy shop later this week!

The PLAN has it's own blogspot now! To see more pics of my Venetian Bedroom please visit ;)
There are more items from other talented MIDS artists on the way!!! Here are a few other romantic TeamMIDS listings available on Etsy now:
-A leopard print living room set by 'Debsminis'

-A marble cherub urn filled with red roses by GoldenUnicornMinis hot passion perfume bottles by Enchanticals -Heart shaped tuxedo box of chocolates by Jellybeanminis
-Here is a delicious pink and chocolate tort by MouseMarket
-A pair of heart pillows by Kibbles
-The Sweetheart punch bowl set by EverydayGourmet
-A Candy and Cherry Cake by PetitPlat
-3 sweet Valentine Pillows by RemarkableCreations
-Miniature Valentine rose heart by PolkaDotToadstool
-A lovely red lace doily by Snowfern


Gaina said...

That is mind-bogglingly beautiful! :)

Patty Benedict said...

FUN!!!! What a great idea!
I'll go check out the blog.
Bugs & Hisses

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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喝酒 said...
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Peach Blossom Hill said...

How I have not been following you before now, I don't know. It seems I blog along and check in on everyone on my list for a good period of time and then life intervenes and I get away from it. I have changed my name today to Peach Blossom Hill from Mini Leaps and Bounds and as we are snowed in, I am having to re-create my blog list so I'm adding your's and hopefully will be able to keep up with you!



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