Monday, March 22, 2010

Miniature Wizards n Witches in TeamMIDS!

Above is TeamMIDS slideshow entitled "For Mini Wizards Only", featuring a collection of artisan Fantasy miniatures with a magical theme. Feature artists include:

*Blue Kitty Miniatures
Deb's Minis, Dollhouses, Dressed Beds, & More
Fairy Furnishings
Fairy Garden
Lil'Witchy Haunted Dollhouse Minaitures
*NJD Miniatures
Polkadot Toadstool Art Dolls & Miniatures
*Turnings In

(* currently on hiatus)

Plus, there are so many more shops offering Modern, Art Deco, Asian, Egyptian, Cabin, Country Primitive, and Victorian miniatures! If you love handmade, original, artisan created miniatures, then come right over to Etsy and search TeamMIDS in dollhouse miniature categories!

For the latest news and mini goodies visit TeamMIDS Blog:

The concept of Etsy was originally to provide a market place for and by artists to sell their work. It was also meant to foster a sense of community among artists of various mediums. It allows artists a venue and a voice without the markups of retail middlemen. TeamMIDS (Miniatures In Dollhouse Scales) serves the miniature artisan community on Etsy and they really are a wonderful and supportive group with so much talent!

TeamMIDS was featured in Etsy's Storque Blog about handmade art:

However, there are a large number of shops on the site selling 'vintage' items, but that is a seperate category from 'handmade'. Unfortunately, within 'handmade', there have also been several wholesalers of cheaper mass produced miniatures flooding Etsy. Etsy should not become Ebay! TeamMIDS has diligently continued to protect the integrity of the handmade dollhouse category, insisting that something mass produced in a factory- even if it was hand assembled- does NOT COUNT as a handmade artisan item. At TeamMIDS, you wll find unique, quality, limited addition miniatures from devoted artists.

As collectors of handmade original work, all you have to do to bypass commercial items is choose to search in the 'Handmade' category for 'teammids'


To see all the wonderful shops, visit the main website:

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm in the March issue of AIM's free online miniature magazine!

The latest issue of AIM's free online miniature magazine is available now!

It is full of so many great projects and Artist offerings! There are gnomes, tiny gardens, tree houses, and much more. I've been posting the link to the zine all over the place and just this morning sat down to read it myself. To my surprise, on pages 40-43, I'm featured in the "Getting To Know" artist meet and greet article! I was pleased to see my Steampunk, Fantasy, and Egyptian items mentioned as well as my Spooky stuff. They popped in a pic of one of my favorite pieces that I've made, a Steampunk mantle clock.

To find out more about AIM (Artisans In Miniature) and browse the outstanding galleries of work by an international group of miniature artists, please visit at


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