Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My latest discovery: Medical Miniatures!!!

Just imagine what you could do with a few well chosen medical themed miniatures... Insane Asylums, Embalming Rooms, or Spooky Hospitals! I've recently found so many miniature funeral and medical goodies that I will have to break this down into a few seperate articles. Let's begin with the basics: gurneys and wheelchairs. I found two spectacular resources on ebay for 1:12 scale medical equipment and props. These are:

Mortician's Friend seems to be a general macabre gift store for funeral business professionals. Having been Mortuary Science student myself for two years, I saw a delightfully odd array of such knick-knacks in various morticians' and directors' offices. Tombs of King Tut, pink hot rod hearses, and all kinds of quirky headstones made me grin. A grim dry sense of humor seems to be an effective coping mechanism as humans are not naturally inclined to handle the dead. Couple the humor with a strong sense of respect and empathy, business acuemen, and an artistic eye - you have the perfect Funeral Director! Anyway, this shop offers miniature hearses and a very realistic looking gurney with a sheet covered doll. I'm sure this is mass produced because I've seen it in few other mortuary themed gifts shops, including Pushing Daisies online. I am bidding on one right now for myself...

The other shop I found on ebay has the most incredible selection of medical miniatures I've seen, both modern and vintage. Here are just a few of my favorite pieces.

I also just love these creepy little handmade organ models at Northern Lights. Line these up on a shelf with a few specimen jars.Below is another sickly realistic miniature organ find, this time from Wicked Gems on Etsy. For gooey jewelry and miniatures visit her at:
Wicked Gems specializes in anatomically correct charms and lockets, like the heart below.

Now, to the medical staff. Every Haunted Hospital needs a blood spattered Nurse and Doctor. With a little work, these two could easily become Nurse Nihilism and Doctor Dead!


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