Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebrating the Day of the Dead with feature artist ArtistaMuerta!

Have you ever suddenly come across something by accident that just totally inspires and fascinates you? Well I just did this morning and I'm blogging all about it! I found a fellow Etsy Dark Team Member named 'ArtistaMuerta' who made this increadible El Dia Del Muertos Dollhouse, celebrating the Day of the Dead in minute detail.

Her Etsy Shop Link:
Her Dollhouse Listing:
The house gives a sense of eerie vertigo with 1:12 scale furniture mixed with large printed wallpapers. ArtistaMuerta hand made the skeleton dolls and all accessories are removable, put in place with a tacky clay.
Each room is unique and full of so many treasures I don't know where to begin! I think the living room fireplace with the Virgine de Guadalupe is my favorite. Oh wait, maybe its the music room or the attic...In her listing, the artist describes her creation thusly:
"A project that was a complete joy to create - a Dia De Los Muertos Dollhouse. I started with a raw wood dollhouse frame, added handmade wallpaper in red and gold, decorative wood elements of scrolls, flowers and molding painted in black and gold. The roof was finished with hand-aged copper foil, sealed to protect the patina.The largest room features a gold, flowered and jeweled Dia De Los Muertos altar with Lady of Guadalupe statues, flowers, santos candles, brass candlesticks, cross, hand-painted sugar skulls and a crown. The walls are decorated with a family portrait, other portraits, pictures and paintings, brass milagros,stars, a jeweled cross, ornate mirror, and candles. The familia sits vigil over a jeweled coffin, with a velvet couch and table with candelabra.The familia was created out of wire armatures, polyclay and various bits and bobs of fabric, ribbon and jewels." She goes on to detail each room's contents

For the history of El Dia Del Muertos:


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LOL, I'm back for a second look at the house, it is so amazing!

Think she can make me one life size? lol, cause, I could live there!

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