Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nibbling at the Neck... Vampires in Miniature!

Ahh... so the sequel to the latest Vampire novel turned movie is due out. Filled with teenage angst, love triangles, and brooding pale people; well it just inspired me to search for vampy items in the mini world. Apparently it is very fashionable to be a vampire now and the wicked blood sucker has a sex appeal that has moved far beyond the hump backed goul of the original black and white Nosferatu flick! Check this bit out:

Be careful what you wish for. Isn't that the truth? Anyway, vampires aren't just for Halloween anymore kiddies. The Western world has a serious romance with the fanged. So go ahead and turn your mini mansion into a vampy abode with these elegant additions!

1) First, you might want to move a well dressed Vampire into your dollhouse:
Above is Dracula by Julie Kendell of Jakdaws Attic

Above are 'The Waspies' by Eileen Sedgwick. She didn't title them Vampires specifically but they sure fit the bill!

Above is a beautiful Goth girl by PetiteProperties. Is she a Vamp or just the girlfriend?

Pat Benedict of WhoopitydooArt has been a prolific creator of an increadible array of Vampish dolls and ornaments, all one of a kind and handmade. Below are 2 of my favorite examples. To see more of her work:

2) Next, maybe add a few select pieces of bat winged or coffin inspired Gothic furniture? Above is a Gothic Vampire Bat Magical Hutch by MidnightsDream. The leathery curtains resemble bat wings! :

While searching for goulish goodies online, I stumbled across some of my own work on a forum called They feature links and member ratings of all things related to Vampires. My OOAK Bella Lugosi Bed had a pretty good rating! Thanx my infernal friends!

Below is my most recent creation, the OOAK Vampire Bat Dungeon Throne... not for the faint of heart! Available at

3) Since the current bloodsucker frenzy was inspired by a novel, how about a Vampire themed library?
Above is a medieval Vampire manuscript and vial of blood by Erica Vanhorn. I love the extra details like her tiny bat tag and red wax seal! She is a member of AIM and I'm still searching for links to a website or shop?

Item currently available on eBid, artist or manufacturer unkown:

Above miniature Interview with a Vampire novel by Anne Rice, available at:

4) Next, we mustn't forget the bloody goblets!
Above is an exquisite turned acrylic vase by Turningsin that looks suitably red stained:

Above is the delicious Plasma set by Enchanticals: Below is a full Vampiric Kitchen, also by Enchanticals who just outdoes herself with the details! I find the leg bone stirring stick amusing... What recipes would a succubus keep? For additional pics of this work:

I then found some very cute mice drinking from goblets of red 'wine'... does it have to be merlot or could it be the elixer of Mr. Vampire's poor dinner date?

5) Finally, every Creature of the Night needs a sturdy coffin for napping! Ray, or minibuilder, creates handmade wooden coffins in 1:12 scale.

You can also find wooden coffin trinket boxes at Micheals and other art supply stores. Of course more is available around Halloween so stock up! The scale might be a bit off, maybe too wide or too short for 1:12 dollhouses, but if you keep looking you will find some nice items that you can alter. Below is one of my own examples:
Novelty Wood makes very nice handmade coffins in a variety of scales:
Another option are the countless very pretty resin coffin boxes that can be found at any fantasy or gothic gift shop online. I've gotten a few and think the 6" ones look the best in my 1:12 scale settings.
-Dragon Art carries very pretty Gothic resin casket shaped trinket boxes:
-True Sword also has beautiful 6" long resin coffin boxes:

There are also a multitude of little Vampire war and roleplaying figures that can be turned bookends, lamp posts, tabletop sculptures, and all manner of knickknacks around a spooky house. An example below that measures about 1 1/4":


Patty Benedict said...

Very cool posting!!!!! Your getting me in the vampire sculpting mood!
Bugs & hisses

Grim said...

Thank you so much Patty for visiting my blog! You are such a wonderful artist, I'm completely honored- Yaaayyy!

faerydustpixy said...

Although I despise it when something great hits the mainstream, turns trendy, and then gets "ruined" by the masses, I am an old-school vampire lover and always will be! your post well-written, and the pics you posted were fantastic!

Grim said...

Thank you faeryfustpixy ;) I'm not personally that interested in the Twilight series but then again, when I was young it was the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I was NOT happy that they put Tom Cruise and Brad Pit in the movie. Antonio Banderas was so delicious though, making up for it a bit. Haha they need to make a Poppy Z Bright movie, unrated!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Fantastic posting again!

Have you watched True Blood. If not here is a link. You can find it in the tv series section. Season 1 and 2 are available here and i'm so awaiting season 3.

I think you will like it.

Nikki xxx

Grim said...

True blood, no I haven't seen that yet Nikki! I'll have to check it out. Do you remember that short lived spin off of the World of Darkness roleplaying game? I can't remember the name... hmm I'll have to google. I also like Wolf Lake. I think it had 2 or 3 seasons. Why do they keep getting rid of the shows I like and adding more non 'reality' tv? Arggh.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

No, i don't know of it.
You could do a google search for it maybe watch online.
I will also check out wolf lake.
True blood is fantastic and after the second episode when it really got going i was totally hooked.

Nikki xxx

Debbie said...
Here's the link to Ericka Van Horns web site and here's her ebay link:-
Hope that helps..

Anonymous said...

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Eileen Sedgwick said...

Hey!! I spy my Waspies...thank you for featuring them :0) Eileen


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